Why Sony Xperia Z5 is a Good Buy

Every year since 2013, Sony is working double time releasing two flagship smartphones for the public to choose from. This year, one of the brand’s latest releases is the Sony Xperia Z5, which to date has already received stellar reviews. With its new gorgeous and sleek look as well as several improvements, the phone offers a lot to be desired. It’s definitely a huge improvement from the rather disappointing Xperia Z3+. So if you’re thinking of buying the Sony Xperia Z5, here is a quick review so you’ll everything you need to know about the phone.

Listening to user complaints about the Xperia Z3+’s design, Sony went ahead and fixed up Z5’s design. Sony stepped up its design game by ditching its typical clear glass option with a frosted material. The phone still features a glass back and an angular design but all in all, the difference in design is simply tasteful. One look at Xperia Z5 and you’ll clearly see that Sony carefully thought out every detail. There are four colors available including white, black, green and gold.

While most of the recent Android phones opted for 2K displays, Sony did not follow suit. The resolution is not as high as its competition but the Xperia Z5 still features an impressive Full HD display. Screen size is relatively smaller than Samsung Galaxy S6 at 5.2-inch with 1080×1920 resolution.

In terms of key features, the Xperia Z5 has joined the ranks of smartphones with a fingerprint sensor. This is in preparation for the upcoming Android Pay launch. Soon enough, you’ll be able to pay and buy quite a lot of things using your Xperia Z5 without worrying about security. The fingerprint sensor is positioned inside the power button. It’s on the side of the phone, which many considers a sweet and convenient spot. Another key feature that sets the phone apart from the competition is the microSD improvement. The phone can now support up to 200GB of memory card storage. Like older Xperia Z models, the Z5 is waterproof and remains a key selling factor for many customers.

It’s not just about great design and new features with the Xperia Z5. Also worth noting is the phone’s overall performance. Like the Z3+, the phone carries the same processor, which is a quad-core Cortex-A53 and quad-core Cortex A57 with a 3GB RAM. In comparison to Z3+’s less than impressive performance, the Z5 proves to have improved significantly. Day to day experience should be smoother. The phone just gets hot when playing at some point especially when playing very graphic games.

Another major improvement for Xperia Z5 is the battery life. Though Sony downgraded the battery, it compensated with optimization functions. It still doesn’t have the best battery life in the market but should last long enough for a typical day. In the end, Xperia Z5 is a saving grace for Sony. It has more advantages and draw backs making it one of the best to come out of the Z5 series.