LG G4 Review

Many may have complained about the LG G3’s less than impressive design but the brand wasn’t fazed. This year, they came back swinging coming up with a distinctive looking phone you’ll easily remember to be coming only from LG. While not exactly a game-changer, the LG G4 is a good-looking phone you might fancy to own.

On the pro side, the phone is packed with key selling points including its pretty good camera, rich and bright display as well as a set of excellent specifications. Further setting the phone apart from the competition is the phone’s leather back look. It’s probably the only phone in the market today with a rich and leather-back. With its unique look and set of features, there’s no question that the LG G4 is the most compelling not to mention buzz-worthy model from LG yet.

Still sticking to its goal of creating a lightweight yet performance-oriented phone, LG designed the G4 with a set of good bits that promise an overall smooth performance. Of all the good bits, however, its camera is probably the best key selling point for the unit. In fact, some experts have even claimed that LG G4 has one of the best cameras even outperforming the iPhone 6 Plus in many instances.

But like every other phone, LG G4 is not without its disadvantages. LG has gotten it right in several ways with the G4 model but it also has its drawbacks. One of the most major cons for the phone is the rather average battery life. Speaker quality is not that good either. But more importantly, phone build overall is not really going to beat the competition. In any case, there’s no denying the fact that LG G4 has made it to one of the best phones of 2015 hence worth considering if you’re hoping to buy a new Smartphone.