HTC One M9 Review

If you’re buying a new Smartphone this year, two of the most prominent phones you’ll hear and read about a lot are the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. But did you know that there are also excellent choices from other brands?

Take for instance the HTC One M9. Included in this year’s many best and top smartphones of 2015, the phone is successor to the One M8. While it doesn’t feature a lot of major changes from the M8, the phone is a great upgrade if you’re hoping a sleek-looking phone that does the job.

Like its predecessor the HTC One M9 boasts a stunning design featuring of sleek metal construction. One look at the phone and you can’t help but get hooked to its luxurious appeal. Other than its design, the M9 is also touted to have a speedier processor in addition to strong speaks, great camera and bright display. The phone runs on the latest Android promising an overall smooth and responsive experience.

But it’s not all good for the HTC One M9. One of its drawbacks is the poor battery life. It’s certainly not the best you can find in the market considering the battery life. And while the front camera is great, the rear camera is not as impressive. In fact, its quality may be put to shame by its competitors. Some experts have also pointed out that the differences from M8 are not all that much.

To answer the question whether you should buy it or not, it will boil down to preference. If you’re thinking an upgrade from M8, it’s worth considering. With its beautiful design and some software improvements, the extra cost is worth it in the end. Compared to its competition, however, HTC One M9 may not offer much so you might want to carefully rethink your decision.