How to Get a Phone Contract Even with a Bad Credit Score

Getting approved for a phone contract may not be easy when your credit score is bad but it’s not impossible either. One of the major reasons why carriers refused a phone contract for customers with bad credit is because of the high risks involved in the transaction.

Whether you have a history of delayed payments or defaults, it will be reflected on your credit files and consequently affect your creditworthiness. A poor credit rating generally means less chances of approval. Fortunately, there are things you can try. Here are some tips and tricks you can try when applying for a phone contract:

Choose your handset wisely

When applying for a phone contract plan, one of the key decisions you need to make is to choose your handset. For most people, they apply for a contract because they want the latest Smartphone or high-end handset. With a contract, you don’t need to pay for the phone upfront hence more convenience. Unfortunately, having bad credit means that your handset options may be limited. If you want your application approved, you’d want to stick your options to the less expensive handsets. The cheaper your handset choice, the higher your chances for approval will be.

Pick a suitable bundle plan

Aside from your handset, you’d also want to carefully consider your bundle plan. Your bundle will affect your plan’s monthly fee. It’s very imperative that you choose a plan not because it seems attractive and generous enough but because it suits your needs. Since you have your bad credit score to consider, it would help to choose a less generous bundle plan. Even if you think that unlimited calls and texts may be the best option, you’d want to reconsider your option for now.

Pay a higher upfront fee

Another excellent idea you can try when [insert_php] global $goodbot; if($goodbot){ echo ‘getting a contract with bad credit‘; } else{ echo ‘getting a contract with bad credit’; } [/insert_php] is to offer to pay a higher upfront fee. For example, if the phone you want requires a £50, you’d want to double or even triple the amount. This way, you’ll be lowering your plan’s monthly fee consequently improving your chances to get approved. Remember that the amount of upfront fee you need to pay for will depend on your handset choice. This trick is also suitable only if you have extra cash you can spare.

Guarantee application with a guarantor

If you can’t afford to pay the upfront fee, you can try another trick. To lower the risks and convince your carrier to approve your application, you can always bring a guarantor into the picture. The guarantee must be of legal age currently residing in the UK with good credit. He or she must agree to co-sign the contract agreement where the guarantor is required to pay the monthly fee in the event that the subscriber is unable to do so. With a guarantor in the picture, the carrier is essentially taking no risks. If you can’t keep up with the payments, they can always run after your guarantor.

Still can get approved for a contract plan?

If the aforementioned tricks don’t work for your situation, there’s another option you can consider. You can apply for a bad credit mobile phone plan instead. These plans are especially offered for customers who are hindered by their bad credit score. While approval is not 100% guaranteed, the approval rates are very high. So long as you meet the basic requirements, you can expect to avail a contract phone plan in as fast as within a day.