A Closer Look at Apple’s iPhone 6S

Weeks after the iPhone 6S was officially launched, the latest offering from Apple has already broken and shattered its past records. According to stats, pre orders reached a new record high. Polls even go as far as predict for Apple to sell as many as 66.5 million units before the year ends. If these predictions come to pass, that would bring the iPhone 6S sales at a whopping 30% more than its predecessor’s sales within the same period from last year.

Despite some disappointments on the latest iOS 9.0.2, battery draining Facebook app and some minor camera issues, Apple continues to do what was expected. As proven by stunning and impressive figures, the iPhone 6S is arguably one of the best phones to beat today. But before you go ahead and take the plunge and join the millions of Apple users, here is a closer look at iPhone 6S. We’ll talk about the good and bad so you can make a sound decision you can live with until the next iPhone come out.

What are the best things about iPhone 6S?

If you are using iPhone 6 and you want an upgrade, the decision should be easy because iPhone 6S is currently the fastest iPhone ever. The phone does not only have the fastest processor but it’s basically speedy in every aspect including its wireless capability, Touch ID sensor, RAM and video recording among other things. Both the rear and front cameras are also vastly better. In short, performance and user experience are to the next level with the iPhone 6S.

But the game changer that sets the iPhone 6S from previous iPhones and its competition is the all-new 3D touch innovation. Set to change the way you use your phone, this new technology is proof why Apple is king of innovation. iPhone 6S a daring and bold new display with 3D touch sensitivity. It responds in milliseconds and should get anyone excited for the latest Apple offering. To top it all off, the phone also boasts a great design that lives up to Apple’s signature high-end look.

What are possible drawbacks about iPhone 6S?

While incredibly innovative and stunningly beautiful, iPhone 6S has its drawbacks. One of the most complaints for current iPhone 6s users is the low battery life. Considering the many improvements and the new 3D touch, it’s not a surprise why the phone eats up power faster. If you’re expecting a longer battery life than iPhone 6, you’re in for some disappointment. Though 3D touch is a game changer, only a number of apps are supporting it at least for now. The Live Photos while exciting will not always work. In fact, many users may not even use it or maximize it.

Of course, let’s not forget about the price. The price tag is pretty steep starting at £539 up to £629 depending on the storage option. If you’re going to get a phone contract plan, expect an upfront fee of about £50 to £100.

Should you buy one?

With its beautiful design, faster speed and better features, there’s no doubt why iPhone 6S has been dubbed another best from Apple. It’s a smart upgrade from iPhone 6. Though the battery life is not as impressive, the latest iOS 9 should compensate for it thanks to low power mode feature, which adds about an hour or so of battery life. Whichever way you go, iPhone 6S is a worthy option as long as you’re sure that the features are perfectly in sync with your needs. If a bigger screen is what you want, iPhone 6S Plus is also worth looking at.